Starting out on a firm foundation is everything when it comes to all sports and for rock climbing this means having the proper training, conditioning and equipment to aid in the ascent to the top. rock climbing At Apex Colorado Adventure Trips we offer rock climbing classes in Denver that will help you develop a climber’s strength, endurance, agility, balance and mental control.  However, no climber can successfully challenge any mountain or wall without first possessing the proper equipment.  Here, shoes are one of the most important things a climber can have for they are more than simple attire.  Having the right type of shoe is essential to the sport.  Here are some tips to help you make the right selection when it comes to choosing shoes.

When choosing the right climbing shoe there are three primary considerations:  Shoe type, shoe features and fit.  The type of shoe you choose depends very much on the types of surface you will be climbing.  Shoe features – such as linings, straps, etc. – can also play a significant part in your overall performance.  Finally, shoe fit affects performance as well.  There are several basic things to remember when choosing just the type of climbing shoes to buy.  The first is that they come in several different materials including leather, lined leather, synthetic and rubber types.  In general, leather shoes breathe easier than lined leather shoes while synthetic shoes are the least breathable type.  Finally, rubber shoes are stickier and softer than other shoe materials.

Next, there are several features to consider when buying climbing shoes – laces, straps and linings.  Lace-up shoes are useful in that they can be quickly removed or adjusted if the climber’s feet get to hot or uncomfortable.  Straps offer the same convenience that laced shoes offer except that are even easier to remove or adjust.  Finally, slip-on shoes don’t have laces or straps but are excellent for training and can help your feet grow stronger due to their sensitivity.

Lastly, the most import feature to consider is fit.  climbing shoeThis can mean the difference between tiring out early due to painful, ill-fitting shoes and being able to go those extra few miles.  Tips to remember when choosing a correct fit are 1) Don’t rigidly use your street shoe size, 2) Avoid shoes that have extra space in front of the toe. 3) Most climbing use European shoe sizes.  Find a conversion table online to make the most of your selection.

In short, we want to make sure that you get the most out of rock climbing in Denver Co when you visit Apex Colorado Adventure Trips.  This means providing you with the expert training needed to develop the special skill set that rock climbing requires.  This requires you to have the proper equipment needed in order to excel and to keep other climbers and yourself safe.