What is obvious to expert hikers and backpackers may not be obvious to novices – hiking is not the same as walking on a paved road or track. Hiking and backpacking along a rugged mountain trail for example involves more equipment, greater preparation and precautions that an ordinary walk does. They both provide an excellent cardiovascular workout but hiking and backpacking are more intense and involve greater knowledge of yourself, your equipment and your surroundings. Here are some tips for beginners who are interested in joining us on one of our Colorado adventure trips just as the crisp fall air settles in across the country.

Pack the essentials: These items include: Map & compass, sunglasses & sunscreen, extra clothing, a flashlight, first-aid supplies, waterproof matches, repair kit and tools, extra food and water and emergency shelter such as a tent. If you have questions about other supplies you will need when accompanying us on one of our adventure trips don’t hesitate to ask us.

Buy the correct clothing:  Invest in a sturdy, well-made pair of hiking shoes and socks. It is an absolute necessity that you find clothing that can protect your feet. When it comes to other types of clothing, don’t forget to dress in layers and to avoid wearing cotton. Cotton gets damp easily as you sweat and can lead to chafing.

Feed yourself:  You need food for energy and water for hydration when hiking. Without the proper nutrients you will not have enough energy to make it through your new hiking adventures.

Travel with qualified, experienced hikers: Our experts can instruct you on all you will need to make your hiking adventure safe, fun and memorable. Finding an experienced instructor is a necessity for novice hikers.

Choose an appropriate backpack: When choosing a backpack, consider the following factors: Capacity, size and adjustability.

Pace yourself: Conserve your energy on particularly long hikes. Follow your instructor’s advice on your pacing and the distance you are able to handle at first. No one expects a novice to be able to outlast his instructor and other more experienced hikers.

Respect the land: Keep our natural spaces pristine by not littering. Every outdoor enthusiast will respect you for your efforts.

Use these tips and visit Apex Ex and we guarantee that as a beginner you will come to love this exhilarating activity as much as we do. Our lessons are fun and you will be among people who share your passion for the outdoors and who are learning right along with you. Hope to see you out on the trail this fall with one of our trained experts!apexex